el pequeño fashion haul

It's summer sale season in my country and even though some of the stores don't really understand what that means i managed to go to one that had really inexpensive and cute stuff. I can't wait to style them :).

Terrible picture but the blouse is very shimmery so i guess that kinda messed up my camera. I didn't bought this one in discount but i couldn't help it because i've been looking for something like this. I love the colour and i can't wait to wear it during fall with leggings or skinny jeans.

My supermarket came with the Selena Gomez collection and even though it's for girls i still found something i liked and that fitted lol. It's hard to take pictures of pants but here you can see them better. They're the most comfortable jeggings EVER!

Now with the real things from the sale! I choose this t-shirt because it's really cute, simple and comfortable. I'm trying to buy more stuff like this for those days that i'm not in the mood of dressing up but i have to wear clothes because it's ilegal to go around naked lol.

I've been looking for a black skirt for ages! It's a basic for the skirt and dress lover. It's nice to know that now i have something that will look good with almost almost all my shirts.

I fell in love with this one! Even though i have no idea what to wear underneath lol.

More fall clothes. I loved the colour and the print. It's looks a little bit boxy on me but that's the price you pay when buying things on sale (no sizes). Still, i think will look cute with skinny jeans.

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