photo week #5

I'm doing a a-photo-a-day project since the beginning of the year and i thought that i could post here the pictures as well so that when i'm out of things to say or show you can still know i'm alive. Inspired by Michelle i'll post them on Sundays and they will be with the pictures from the previous Sunday to that Saturday. And the title of the post is the number of the week in the year.

Sunday: Being a fotolog bitch and taking pictures of myself lol. I wanted to see how i looked with curls :). • Monday: Bought a pair of jeggings from Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez. I loved them!!! They're so freakin comfortable. • Tuesday: Worked all day on my uni profect. It's supposed to be a very weird seat lol. • Wednesday: The finished thing. Took the pictures to show them to my professor. • Thursday: Another day working hard but this time for my computer class. I have to do an animation in After Effects. • Friday: Had a correction of my video and my summer vacations started oficially! :D Went out with my friends and bought this feather clips. • Saturday: The weirdest of days! There were fires all over my city and ashes were flying everywhere.

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