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These last days have been crazy! Between helping my mom with some things for my dad's job, manicure class and starting (finally!) my second semester at uni... well, just imagine. But still i got some time to do a little shopping ;) of course! I'm a girl!

Probably my favorite! Bunny print crop top.

Sequin tank top. When i go out at night i never find what to wear so finding this top on sale was a perfect oportunity to spice up my closet.

Plain black t-shirt. Yeah, boring! But everybody needs one. It's a little bit baggy for me but it was so cheap that if i don't like it i can still use it to go to the gym. Oh and the spot was the camera, of course i bought it clean.

THE most awesome owl t-shirt i've seen! I love owls (thank you, Harry Potter) but they're so popular right now that i feel that wearing something with them is a little bit unoriginal. But i had to surrender for this t-shirt because it's so beautiful! I love all the details it has!

A great find! This cute lace top was with 50% off. And even better, it was the last one and in my size. When this kind of thing happen i can that destiny lol. It's really pretty and it has a row of buttons on the back (second picture).

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  1. Haha, I love the Owl shirt as well... (Harry Potter guilty).

    The lace and sequin tops are cute also!!

  2. Love that little bunny crop, it's so cute :) xx


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