my first nail wheel!

Maybe this picture looks better?

Hola! Omg i'm so excited about this post! Like a month ago i bought online my first ever nail wheels (because i live in a cow town where they don't sell them). These designs are for my manicure class (we need to make 50 different ones) and i tried to make the most popular ones. The next wheel i'll make will be holiday themed. I had lot's of fun doing this even though sometimes it's hard to choose which designs are worth to put lol. I hope that the next ones won't be so difficult specially because i had a hard core japanese magazine session searching for inspiration (you can see my favorite ones in this set at my We♥It).

6 comentarios:

  1. Wow, these are amazing! I adore the little bow design, cloud designs and dalmatian print (:

  2. Wow, these all look amazing! I really couldn't decide for my favorite one. :)


  3. LOVELY!!

    Especially love the "pow", strawberry, and jacks :D

  4. Omg absolutely love it.Its so cool! Need to try pow nails :) x


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