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Yesterday i watched The Secret Cirle because a friend told me that was kinda good. Honestly, i liked it lol. Not a lot but it's ok and it's a nice change from all these vampire things. The clothes from the girls were really cute and wearable (we'd all like to dress up like Gossip Girls but that's just not real) and my favorite was this outfit:


I couldn't find a full body picture but it's the perfect excuse for you to watch the episode :). Ok, so i put two outfits together to show some options to wear it with brown and black accesories.

Click picture for item information.

You can recreate a ton of styles with just this pieces. Just start with a dress and see which accesories and colours match with it. After seeing this outfit i fell in love with riding boots. It seems that they're really in for fall up in the north and i'm thinking in getting a pair because i can also make them work for spring. But if you don't have something like this, like me, any type of boots will look amazing! Try different things to see what you like and if you don't want to try them on you could use Polyvore (search for similar things and see how they look together).

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