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I wanted something super colourful for the awesome mood that these sunny days put me in (little did i knew yesterday that today was going to be cold again lol #fail). I got inspired by this picture on tumblr but changed a little bit the colours (summer = bright!). Doing the hearts was more difficult that i thought it would be! Well, maybe 80% of that was caused of doing them at night and super sleepy. I did them with a nail art nail polish that has a dotting tool (like this one) and another one that has a tiny brush. They're not perfect but i'm loving them with all my heart (hehe).

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  1. Amazing nails! Seriously, some of the best I've seen in awhile!

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Been looking through yours and your nail posts are adorable! :)

  3. LOVE them nails! theyre so cute :) all for trying to drag summer out as long as poss! xx


  4. I love your nails! OMG if you see the disaster of my nails on my page lol ..


  5. Thankyou for your comment! Awww I love these, I think you've done a really really good job of the hearts, I doubt my hand would be as steady!


  6. En mi opinión te quedaron preciosas, y me gustan más en colores vibrantes que en colores apagados :D

  7. Just too cute! The hearts really make the manicure pop out!

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  8. Love these nails, they are so cute :) xx


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