No, i'm not turning eighteen ;). This past days were holidays here in Chile (you can read about that here) and i didn't do much but i went out with my friends to some Fondas and i had an amazing time! I ate, drink (not much because i was driving) and played lots of typical games. Sadly, i couldn't take pictures because these places aren't very safe for cameras and mobile phones but here are some highlights of what i got/weared/etc:

Festive nails! Working with the chilean flag is really difficult (everything looks like the USA flag lol) so i just used the colours. Wearing Sally Hansen's Cherry Red and Finger Paint's Laugh My Art Off.

The cutest little rabbit! I played a game to win it but i lost so i asked the guy if i could just buy it because i was never going to win lol. I had to have it! It matches my room perfectly!

A "gold" scarf. I saw one in Zara the other day (i couldn't find a picture but it's featured in this video) i fell in love with it but it cost 60USD, a little bit too much for me. So this other one for just 2USD will have to work lol.

Y not? :D

My old phone died ( well, not completely but i couldn't see the missed calls nor recive text messages ¬¬ so annoying!) so my dad gave me this Blackberry Pearl. I don't really like it because it's really old (on the inside) but it will work till i find a job to switch for an iPhone or Android. I bought today a Gizmobies cover for it because i can't stand those boring mobile phone colours (it should be a law that all phones came in pink!)

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  1. nails are cute and I love the little rabbit! how pretty! xx

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  2. I used to have that exact phone, but that cover is so nice on it!


  3. Your nails are so gorgeous! Love the case on you blackberry, very pretty! xx


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