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Nail Polish: Essie - Perky Purple

Hola! I'm back! Well i wasn't gone for too long but in my mind i was because for this whole week i was totally into an art project for a contest and today it was finally finished and delivered. If you want to see it i posted a picture here on twitter (but i think it looks better IRL). So to celebrate my new "freedom" (i've always been free lol) i went to the mall with my friend Nadja and bought a couple of things i've been wanting for ages. First we have a new wallet! Yay! It has so much space inside (just what i needed), i love the colour and the fact that it's a little bit more "mature" than my last one. Perfect! I'll soon do another what's in my wallet? post to show you guys what i'll carry in it. And, last but not least, the prettiest mug ever sold at Starbucks! Since this coffee shop is in my city i've been lusting over this mug. It's looks just like the disposable cup and, even better, it has the old logo! :D And the last photo was a lame excuse to say that i'm loving (again) this Essie nail polish. I hope you all have an awesome weekend♥.

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  1. Welcome back :)

    Nail polish is delicious- such a pretty colour! xx

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  2. Welcome back! =) Love the last photo and the nail polish you're wearing. I'm not to fond of Essie, but it's still a very nice shade.

  3. Welcome back you too :) Love your nail color. And that wallet is gorgeous xo


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