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I've seen like a million Monthly Favorites type of videos in youtube and i've always wanted to make a post on mine but it seems that the end of a month is also the end of my memory. But today i remembered and even though i'm not mentioning a lot of stuff (probably with a little more practice i'll be more inspired to also remember which things i liked during the month) i hope you still enjoy it.

I think i have told you guys before that i'm not very good in following "season colours". These are totally spring/summer and we're in winter here lol. But it's nice having a pop of colour in your nails. Konad's Pastel Yellow is amazing and lasts quite a long without chipping. The same goes for China Glaze's Custom Knicks. And sorry for not shaking the bottle before taking the picture lol.

Two Maybelline Eyeshadows. The first one is called Moonlight and i use it as a highlight on my brow bone and inner corner of the eye. I totally recommend it! With this or any white eyeshadow your eyes will look awake and with a lot of life. The second one i have no idea what's it's name but i'm pretty sure it must be Cinnamon Spice. When i'm in a hurry i do a very simple eye make up and this colour looks really cute on it's own.

Ives Saint Laurent Lisse Gloss in #1 + Maybelline Lipstick in Pink Please. My all time favorite lip combo! I won't probably post it every month but make sure that i'll always wear it. The colour is really similar to my natural lip colour but better so it's perfect for everyday.

I've been wearing this bag like crazy. I don't know why but all of a sudden it goes with everything lol. I love big bags more than little ones but there are days when i don't want to carry with me every freakin thing in my room. I bought this one in a local store called Fes.

I'm a dork, ok? I'm totally obssesed with the facebook game The Sims Social. And it isn't helping that almost all my friends are also playing lol. But as every facebook game i'll probably get bored of it in two weeks.

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  1. Love that bag! Leopard print is pretty awesome :)

  2. Great post, very interesting to read :) xx

  3. Love the colour of the china glaze nail polish. I have nominated you for an award on my blog :) xx

  4. Love the leopard print bag, I know what you mean I always seem to carry big bags which are great for throwing everything in, but sometimes its good to give your arm a rest and take a smaller bag out instead! Ahh the sims, love that game but it's so addictive! x

  5. Loving your blog name and that leo bag - need it inna my life. Your blog background is oh so pretty too.

    Helen, x

  6. Yo también estoy súper enganchada al Sims social de Facebook jajaja
    Me parece una buena idea que hagas tus Monthly favourites :D

  7. the maybelline lipstick looks a beautiful shade of pink, I may have to check this out!!

    Blue nail polish has been really in at the moment, I still have my holiday to come so may invest in some for my toes!!

    Love favourite posts! <3


  8. Love the bag, totally obsessed with sims social too xx

  9. Nice bag!!



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