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I gave you a sneak peek the other day and now i came to tell the story lol. Some months ago Mari from Little Fille was having a giveaway and of course i entered because i've been in crazy love with her headbands since i discovered them. Some weeks passed and while i was in a churro restaurant (yeah i remember!) i saw in twitter that i had won!!!! I screamed a little. Since the one i wanted was sold out i had a hard time choosing another one but in the end Lila won my heart. 500 days later (no, not 500 lol but Far Far Away is probably nearer from the rest of the world than Chile) it arrived!

I love that the colour goes with a lot of outfits! I have wore it a couple times now and when i used it last saturday for a birthday party a lot of girls liked it :). My mom was specially thrilled by the fact that it has real freshwater pearls lol she wanted to steal them and make them a necklace (note: hide the headband). Oh, and i'll make sure to post decent outfit pictures using it because this ones were really quick :). Thank you so much Mari for making this awesome giveaway!!! Make sure to visit her website because the summer collection is simply amazing.

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  1. Congrats on winning. The last headband is my favourite, I'd want to steal those pearls too:)


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