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First i was going to do this just for myself but i thought that maybe someone else would find it useful. Since i lost weight last year (you have no idea how HUGE i was!) i feel that i have more freedom now to wear clothes so i'm trying everyday to find my "style" lol. One that i love is the one you can see on Glee's Quinn Fabray. I know that it's more difficult to get outfit inspiration from tv characters because they don't dress up as normal people would (it seems that they're always on summer and never get cold lol). But still, if you like it too read below to get inspired :).

Girly and romantic is what describes better this look. It's about dresses, skirts, cute shoes and color palette that features mostly pastels colors.

the basic.
As you can see from the pictures, it seems that the only thing that Quinn wears are dresses lol. I think that's what i like about her style because in my country girls wear only jeans. Start off with a girly dress and then pair it with a cardigan (short or long, it doesn't matter). The color of the cardigan can be of a similar shade, one that is on the dress (or belt) and also that contrasts (like in the first example).

two pieces.
This is the same as dresses but you can skip the cardigan thing with the top. For colder weather change the top for a sweater.

This was one of the parts i was more intrested in because it's freezing cold in my country right now. Quinn doesn't normally wear jackets and coats because, as i told you before, it's a tv character and people kinda forget that they can feel cold lol. But the one she uses the most are denim jackets which are very practical because they go with a lot of things and add a little bit of casualness (is that even a word?!) to a dress that looks too formal. Blazers are also a great choice (in all colors and patterns) and i fell in love with the bright color coats.

I think there's only one episode where Quinn wears pants lol it seems that it's not her thing. But i looove wearing jeans so i tried to give this examples my own personal twist. Basically it's all about girly and loose tops paired with skinny jeans.

I had a hard time finding pictures where her shoes showed lol. The ones i saw more of are this lace up booties in brown (which are #1 in my wishlist right now), wedges in light tones and ballet flats. For extra girlyness add cute socks that match the outfit (neutral colors always look good). I'm more of a sneaker girl (that were the only shoes i weared in my teenage days so my closet is FULL of them lol) but i think that they'd look good as long as you keep something girly at the top.

Sometimes what makes the outfit. For cold and hot weather fedora hats are a must, they're super cute and right now you can find them in a lot of colors. Omg belts! You must have belts! I still have lots of things in my closet that are too big on me so to make them look better i mark my waist with them. Scrafs speak for themselfs :) match patterns and colors with your clothes and they'll always look good. Keep the jewelry simple. As for bags, she wears big ones with lots of cute details. I didn't put it in the picture but i think that chanel style chain bags would look amazing.

winter savior.
It's winter where i live and i sometimes have trouble for dressing up (you need so many layers to battle this cold!). I'm not a fan of arm warmers but i think that they would be amazing under a jacket of coat. Berets are something i were almost every day lol black and white are musts to match any outfit you try. Last but not least, tights and leggings will help you of not turning blue.

And that's all! Uff i feel i wrote a novel. Tell me if you found this useful because i love taking inspiration for outfits from celebrities, movies and stuff like that. They're life saviors when you don't know what to wear :). Who are your style icons? Oh, and did you like the new layout? :) I only did some little changes with the images but the overall look seems completely different. I'm really proud of the background because it wasn't seamless originally and it was a bitch to edit but i think worked out right :D.

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  1. Lovely post :) she has a really great style, pretty and girlie! xxx

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  2. Love all the skirts you have picked, they're so pretty :)

  3. Love this post. Some great pics here.

  4. No conozco ese personaje pero dios, que hermosa ropa, definitivamente me pondría todo eso, no he visto glee ni nada pero he visto un personaje que me llamó la atención como se viste, una como tipo nerd no se que, creo que se llama , rachel? me gustaría uno así de ella c:

  5. I love Quinn's style, too, though it's girlier than mine. I need more cardigans and cute dresses!

  6. I love this! It was so nicely put together! You should submit this to IFB links a la mode!

  7. jajaja, esto de bajar de peso y encontrarse con un nuevo cuerpo es como la historia de mis ultimos años
    baje 65 kilos, y gracias a esa baja de peso hoy tengo una adicción a la ropa, justamente ayer intentaba cerrar mi closet a presion, esta ordenado, pero ya la ropa no me cabe, asique creo que vendere una parte
    oye que rico que estes escribiendo en ingles, me gusta, me agrada.
    Ahora en cuanto al look de Queen Fabray, no es de mi total gusto, pero es interesante, pero too prepy for my taste.
    Yo voy mas por la onda un poco mas ruda, aunque ultimamente me ha dado por ser mas femenina.
    jaja saludos
    t agregue a mis links


  8. where can you buy those brown boots?
    they are beeeaaautifull!

    1. I don't have the link for exactly those but i've seen similar ones in the Forever 21 online store.

  9. Great Articel!You've helped me a lot.


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