shopaholic friday

1. Skechers Shape Ups: For the gym i'm wearing this really old sneakers that i used to PE class back in school when i was like 14!!! It seems like an eternity. I don't really care about going pretty to the gym because it's just not the right place but this sneakers are really pretty and promise to do a lot of things that are probably not true but i still want to believe they are. I always tell my mom and friends that i want them because i want to have Kim Kardashian's butt.

2. Ipod arm band: We're full of exercise things today! I haaaate having to carry around the gym my iPod in my hand just because the pants don't have pockets! People don't think when they make clothes.

3. Black Bodycon Skirt: I think this should the a basic in every girls closet... i basic i don't have! I found a cute one today but i didn't have the money so i guess that soon i'll go back for it.

4. Brown Loafers: This is more of a summer shoe than winter but because of that i may be able to find one a little bit cheaper. If i found one! The only pair i've found so far we're ones from Topshop that cost like 100USD!!!! They were really pretty but i don't think this type of shoe is that expensive to make so i'll keep looking.

5. Brown Lace Up Booties: I only have black boots so this isn't something i want, is something i need. I'm in mad love with this type of bootie and i saw them in the store where i won the gift card so cross your fingers so that they don't sold out.

6. New cell phone: My old Nokia 5530 is driving me crazy!!! I ended up hating hating touch phones so i'm really looking forward to buy one with qwerty keyboard. Blackberries are too expensive for me so i hope i can find a pretty and good one like that Samsung I5510 (i would feel just like a Gossip Girl!).

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  1. I found my loafers on ebay. How about these? http://cgi.ebay.com/WOMENS-MINNETONKA-MOCCASIN-KILTY-SUEDE-BROWN-/350359385079?pt=US_Women_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item905b0a9d97#ht_682wt_905


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