Yesterday i went with some friends to Santiago (fyi the capital of my country) that is like 2 hours away from where i live. I didn't buy much because nothing caught my eye but i managed to take a picture of the awesome mini cupcake i bought:

I definitely want to make some like this in my house (i always make muffins but never with frosting). My nails? I did them on monday and loooved this colour combo. I'm loving this dusty pink colour right now and after months chasing for the OPI crackle polish i finally found it and it's my top favorite since.

The Skinny Caramel Macchiato i bought today :).

And now my top story of the day. A local store was having 40% off just for today so i, being such a shopaholic, printed the coupon and went to see if i liked something. Oh, surprise! I did find something!

Love at first sight. I think this sweater is a winter basic and it turned to be exactly what i was looking for. After buying it, i returned home and logged into twitter (because i'm really cool) and that store was having a contest that the first 10 to send a photo of the recipe of what you bought today with their coupon would win a gift card. And i won! I was the seventh person to send the picture and you can't believe how happy i am! The gift card is worth for around 60USD which i think is amazing. Now i just have to wait till they contact me via twitter DM to know if this is really happening.

I'm off now to watch yesterday's Pretty Little Liars! I'm so happy the new season started. Do you watch it?

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  1. That mini cupcake is so cute :) I just watched pretty little liars too, I'm so glad it's back!


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