video tutorial: leopard cross

My first video tutorial! I was really excited to film this even though i know that my camera isn't the best to do this kind of videos. I think that after a few i'll know how to make them look better and, specially, in focus. Still, i hope you enjoy the tutorial and please comment to let me know what you think because i really want to get better at this. You can also send me your requests if you'd like to see a tutorial for a particular design.

4 comentarios:

  1. Great tutorial, you make it look so easy to do.

    btw I'v had to start my blog over and have a new url. I hope you can come and follow me again.


  2. such a cute little tutorial :) I love that I can see how you do it as you go along.

  3. hola Yona!!
    muchisimas gracias x pasarte x mi blog! :) me encanto tu tutorial!! lo haces ver tan facil!!! jijijij....si me gusta usar espa~ol tmbn en mi pagina...a little bit of "spice" con las palabras hehehe.

  4. looks really cool




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