please don't stop the rain

I wish you could stop it. Reason? Last saturday we had like a HUGE storm here and i was left without electricity for almost 3 days!!! You can't believe how bored i was and i couldn't even leave my house because it was so rainy and windy and all the streets seemed like a pool. Watch this video to see what i'm talking about.

The few hours of natural light we had i made a little nail art inspired by that awful rain. What else i could do without electricy? Between that and Scrabble, Monopoly and Pictureka i spend my boring Amish days.

Everything was painted by hand using nail art brushes. It took a long time to make but as you can see i had nothing better to do lol. Oh, btw, happy winter/summer depending on where you live :).

Base: Sally Hansen - Blue It
Clouds: White Nail Art Polish
Clouds Shadows: Sally Hansen - Black Out
Umbrella: Pamela Grant - Diva Red
Rain: Florelle Silver nail polish

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  1. Oh no you poor thing, the weather sounds awful (about the watch the vid!) and I dont know how I'd survive that long without electricity!

    On the plus side, your nails are super cute! xx

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  2. Your nails looks awesome :) I would not be able to survive that long without electricity!

  3. The nails are amazing.

    I definitely couldn't survive without electricity - I literally have no idea what I would do.

  4. Wow you're so good. These look amazing :) xo


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