flowers for gingers

Don't you just love the feeling of finding something really pretty on discount? I love it! It even makes me so happy that i'm with a huge smile for like days. This is what happened yesterday with two pretty new additions to my closet.

This was the last skirt like this they had and it was like 8USD (in Chile that's really unexpensive). It was a little bit big on me and it had some other details... the reason of the price. But i managed yesterday to sew it and resize it and now it's perfect!

I fell in love with the peter pan collar this shirt has! I wasn't really sure about the floral pattern because it looked like something my grandmother would have bought back in her days. But after some thinking i ended up loving that too! For 4USD it was a must.

This wasn't in discount or aything but i have wanted to dye my hair for some weeks now. I used being ginger when i first started university, then went for black and now i was trying to be brunette again (my natural hair colour). But it's so difficult! Even though i dyed my hair brown i ended up with red on top and black on the ends. So i'll just hear my inner self and be ginger again (the color it's actually a coppery brown). I really feel that i have more the personality of a redhaired than a brunette.

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