pink boat

jacket: index | sweatshirt: boulevard | skirt: muv | necklace: forever21 | bag: opposite

Hurray! I think i found a place where to take outfit pictures! The background is my bedroom door that has lots of things written by my friends :). I really hope that i'll start dressing better by taking this pictures because sometimes i put things on and swear i look awesome when it's not like that at all lol. Oh and sorry for my ugly face :D but i wasn't going to put make up on just for this *proud lazy*.

I thought i was never going to wear a denim skirt again until i saw today this video when i was looking for inspiration. I loooove wearing comfortable clothes♥ they're awesome and my #1 choice when going to uni.

5 comentarios:

  1. Your necklace is seriously sweet - a Forever 21 is opening in London and I cannot wait.
    And your door is just amazing,

    Rosie x

  2. I love your necklace, it's so cute!
    I always wear comfortable clothes for going to uni too, especially if I have a morning class and have to get up early!

  3. I love the door, such a good idea! I struggle to find a place to take pictures so it's nice to see someone else succeed.

  4. Your door is so cool. I like your bag too.

  5. Very good outfit. Seems comfortable (: really like it!


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