I've seen in a couple of blogs where girls are showing their dalmatian nail art inspired by the ones the models wore at the Unique Topshop Show (cute!). Since i'm trying to make more different designs to have more variety on my portfolio (i have a little freelance thing painting nails and it'll be useful if i ever apply to work at a salon) i decided to give it a go. It's nice to share a little bit of love with other animal prints besides leopard and zebra. I really wanted to post these pictures sooner but there was something very powerful distracting me:

A Nintendo 3DS!♥ I'm in love! I've wanted a DS since they came out (yeah, years!) and finally i could buy the newest one with some money i won from a job i did like a month ago. You have no idea how happy i am! Good thing that my uni is still in strike because i'll be playing till i get blind.

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  1. POKEMON!! Jealous of the 3DS!

    Thank you for your comment, I hope you stop by often. =]

  2. haha pokemoooon!! ;p
    i lovee your nails!! <3

  3. I'm really liking this nail art!


  4. Those nails look really nice! They remind me of the Topshop makeup :)

  5. haha i've been a nintendo fan too like forever! I got the DS lite, DSi (which I sold them) to get the 3DS in blue <3 I hope you enjoy it ^^

  6. Me encanta cómo te han quedado las uñas, tienes mucho talento para esto :)

  7. oh gosh, I love playing Pokemon! Well I use to play it all the darn time.
    Love the spotty nails, very unique ;D


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