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Hola! I had a bunch of posts prepared but for many reasons i couldn't do none of them :(. The main reason is because i got a tiny job for three days which was very tiring but i had fun and the pay was good so when i get the money spect a haul. So, today is the Children's Day in my country and in my family my mom always gives us toys no matter how old we are lol. That's awesome. I got this Angry Birds plushie that has sound lol. I'm so mature, i know. We ate a lot of junk including those weird cupcakes. I've tasted best but i don't want to cook so these ones will have to work (and they do!). And last but not least, my nails of the day. I had totally forgotten i had this nail polish... i guess i bought it when i wasn't into pastel colours very much but know i'm bananas for them :). It's not very wintery but i don't care, i love giving a little bit of life to this cold weather. If you're interested the colour is Pastel Yellow from Konad.

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  1. The cupcakes look nice! Love the nails, a really pretty colour xx

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  2. Hola, hace tiempo que busco ese color Pastel Yellow ,( Regular Polish de Konad) pero solo encontré el Pastel Green. Me podrías dar el dato de dónde comprar el esmalte, si es que lo venden en Santiago ?????. Están bien buenos tus Nail Design. ALOHAA!!!


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