le petite haul

It's funny how i stop shopping for like weeks and then i feel that i compensate for that buying more lol. It's like a diet. When i didn't buy the whole world today, thank god! The skirt was in discount and i thought that it's the perfect colour for fall/winter. I haven't wore it yet (i bought like 5 days ago) but i already have a few outfit prepared for it. Now with the things i bought today. I wasn't so sure about the top but my mom really liked it and when i tried it on i was conviced because the colours it's simply amazing. It's really summery so i hope that warmer days will hurry up. And last but not least, a floral bag. I feel that i don't really need new bags but this one was with a HUGE discount and it's perfect to wear to university :). It also seems to be weirly inspired by the Mulberry Alexa, isn't it? I'm in love with that bag♥ i hope i can find one soon.

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  1. Love the bag! Very Mulberry Alexa indeed! x

  2. I love the skirt! Very pretty and summery. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, i hope your well! xx


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