lighting bolt

I was going to take better pictures of this manicure but they already started chipping and i'm more in the mood of changing them rather than retouching. I was inspired by Nailside's tutorial and this was more of a "hey, could i do that?" kind of thing lol. Oh and i could. Good for me. I went save with the colours and i have to admit that they remind me a lot of Harry Potter. I'll probably try other designs soon and if you like it make sure to visit this girls blog because she has some amazing scotch tape tutorials.

Sorry if my nails look gross but i'm still sick (yeah, more than a week now! what's wrong with me?!) so i'm totally not in the mood for manicures or even taking decent day light pictures. Please don't kill me, i'm human :). Al least it has given me time to catch up on Gossip Girl♥. I'm adding some "Get the Look" posts in my to-do list because Blair and Serena are worth it.

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  1. Wow those nails are awesome! Hope you get well soon, I've been sick lately too and it sucks.

  2. Love your nails !


  3. wow i love these! the look great, i'm gonna check out that tutorial and have a go :) thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, visit again soon! xxx


  4. Hey thanks for you comment on my blog (: You should definitely give the bracelets a go, start a new trend! I love these nails, they remind me of harry potter a bit, because of the kind of lightning bolt look they have! (: x
    Ps. I am SO jealous that you went to see avril lavigne, I love her and have done since I was younger, she's great, even now! x

  5. I saw these tutorials on nailside's blog a while ago but haven't got round to trying any of them out yet. Looks like you've done a great job, and I love the contrast of black and gold :) xx

  6. ooo they look great!

  7. Your nails look so cool!


  8. Wow, they look incredible! You did a really, really good job!

  9. they're amazing!

    in regards to your comment i have to buy ELF cosmetics online, as they dont stock them instore like they do in the USA. I would definatley reccomend them though, such bargain products :)

    oh & now following xx


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