avril lavigne's black star tour

Nail Polish: China Galze - Laced Up + OPI - Black Shatter

If the pictures aren't clear enough, i went to Avril Lavigne's concert! This was on Friday and i'm really tempted to say "yesterday" but it's pass midnight so i guess that saying it is illegal (and that's a serious crime!). I know she's not of everybody's taste (besides 14 year old girls) but i've been hearing her music since i was really young so i kinda grew up with her. I even went to her first concert in Chile when i was 15. This one was way better and she sung a lot of her old songs which are my favorites♥. Ok, i'm off to sleep now and die because i have the worst throat sore! Too much singing? Maybe.

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  1. hi, thanks for the loevly comment
    and thats really too bad, if i can find some cheap books i'd be more then happy to ship them over, id hate not being able to read my fave books:(

    Have you try'd ebay, very good place:)




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