floral fields

Hola! The last time i tried floral nails it was a complete mess. I have done them twice before and i definitely don't like them with white lineart (as you can see in my third halloween nail art from last year). But now i felt really inspired to try them again and even though they smudged pretty badly (i photoshoped these pictures A LOT lol) i kinda liked them. These may be like the ultimate spring nails... and it's autumn here! lol Well, let's say i like mixing seasons.

The base is really light sky blue i made and the pink is Laced Up from China Glaze. Next time i do a more elaborate design i'll try to take some picture to do some kinda of walkthough/tutorial.

p.s: this was originally posted yesterday but, as most of you may know, blogger had his period.

7 comentarios:

  1. Those nails are AMAZING!!!!

  2. Wow you did an amazing job on these nails. I would have cheated and used a stamp.

  3. Wow, they're ridiculously amazing! So refreshing too to see floral ones :)

    Rosie x

  4. Those are actually amazing! You are so good at nail art, I'm honestly useless :) Love them so much!!

    London's Closet xoxo

  5. These nails look great, would love to see you do a tutorial on them :)


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