a little piece of my bday

It's official: i don't feel inspired to blog when i'm at uni. If i had a tripod i think i think it would be easier because i DO dress up nicely to go there. Oh well, yesterday i had a little birthday party here at my house with my friends :). Early because my real birthday is the 18th but since it's monday and i have classes i won't be able to celebrate. I didn't take pictures because i was too busy... having fun lol. I got lot's of lovely gifts but i think it would be too nosy to show them all so i'll just put pictures of two because one is from my parents and the other one from my bffs.

This was like my "main gift" because it was from my parents. It's the Nina Herrera quilt i showed you from my old wishlist post! I simply love it!

I love scarfs! They're so warm and they look really nice and i think that they can spice up a boring outfit. I didn't have one like these and with those colours so i'll be using it a lot. Loved it, so pretty.

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  1. I love anything floral! So both the scarf and the quilt are lovely :) Happy belated birthday xo

  2. I love scarves too, I have collected quite a few now. Hope you have a great Birthday.

  3. me encanta la colcha, es preciosa! y la bufanda tambien :)


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