it's all about bunnies

Hola! Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter Beagle was nice and brought you all some yummy chocolates :). I'll start today's post by showing you my awesome Easter inspired manicure :). I recreated the ones i saw in this image and i was actually going to keep the dots in lilac (or lavender or whatever that colour is called in english lol) but when i applied the white i liked them more like this. I opted for bunnies instead of chicks because in Chile this holiday is more associated with bunnies and eggs. I can say that it's one of my favorite manicures so far :).

And it wouldn't be Easter without some chocolate :). I'm so happy that i was able to eat lots and lots of easter eggs because i couldn't last year (for a couple of sugar reasons) and i can tell you that i made up for that lol.

My mom gave me this Vizzio egg that was filled with chocolate covered almonds :p so yummy! She also gave me a little bag with egg shaped gummies and strawberry flavored eggs. Yeah, it seems like i'm 10 and not 22 lol.

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  1. Happy Easter! The bunny on the nails is so cute :) xo

  2. Happy Easter :)
    The bunnies are so cute, I like the polka dots too!

  3. Happy Easter, such cute nails! <3

  4. your nails are SOOOO cute!! love them :) xx

  5. Cute nails. Thanks for the comment on my blog.




  6. thanks for the tip on my blog! those nails are the cutest ever, i like your nail posts definitely going to try some out! xx


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