my favorite holiday gift tags

With Gem Fatale's last post i remembered my all time favorite gift idea. I really don't know why i forgot if i do it every year lol. Since this time of the year are difficult in time and money matters i'll give you a tip that will save you both and also will help you get simple but unique gifts. What i do is just buy lots of brown paper (they're super cheap!) and wrap my gift with that. The fun part comes with the gift tags. I like printing my own in sticker paper so i just have to peal and stick. I match the ribbon colour with the one from the tag :). There are lots of fun holiday tag ideas for free on the internet but here are my favorites:

Click on the pictures to go to the download page. There are lots of other tags around here and there so just make sure you found one you like and that represents you :). Happy wrapping! And i really hope your friends and family like them... unlike mine that destroys them! lol

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