the lazy song

shirt: opposite | cardigan: zara | jeggings: opposite | bag: americanino | nail polish: china glaze - oh how street it is

Yesterday was one my best friends birthday so i went to her house to give a her a gift i made for her (i'll post a mini tutorial on it soon). I normally don't put much effort on my clothes on sundays because they're sooo boring and i rarely leave my house but since was going to my friend's house i couldn't wear my pajamas. I'm happy that i had the chance to wear that headband i love it and even though it's not something normal people wear here i don't care about the looks. I wanted to do a post for my nails but then i changed my mind because it's basically the same as this one but using a bright orange.

7 comentarios:

  1. nail polish looks great and I love the headband :) great choice xxx

  2. I love your outfit and the hairband is so cute! My sundays are always spent in my pyjamas, clothes are forbidden ;D.

  3. I think that hairband looks super cute on you :)

  4. Great hairband - very cute! thank you so much for your comment on my blog :)


  5. I love your nail polish and your hair band is adorable! And thank you for stopping by <3

  6. I LOVE the colors you paired together. And I just bought a nail color similar to the one you're rocking, Essie's "geranium"



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