bubblegum confetti

On tuesday i painted my nails and i tried to recreate an old design i think i saw on Emerald Sparkled (i'm not sure but i'm almost sure that's were i saw it). I didn't have a huge amount of pink nail polish but think this works for now. They took forever to be made and since the white is a really cheap brandless polish it won't last a lot without chipping.

Sorry for the blurry and weird lighting pictures. I was sick on wednesday (i'm still a little) and i only remembered to take them late in the afternoon and, as you can see, twilight light isn't very flattering.

6 comentarios:

  1. I absolutely love these nails. You did a fabulous job on them.

  2. this is so cool... you must have spend hours doing such an amazing job! love it!
    xx so

  3. oh wow i love them! defoo going to try them out! xx

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment :)

    These designs are gorgeous!

    Love D xxx

  5. This is so different to other designs i have seen. It looks great



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